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Backpack Program

When back to school time comes around, some children start with a disadvantage. Some children in Fayette County start the school year without the basic supplies needed.

Shop with a Sheriff stuffs fifty high-quality backpacks every year for kids who need them. Only stocked with the best gear, our packs are intended to give these special kids more than just the basics. We want them to be proud of owning this great stuff. Just like our Christmas program, we go big.

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P.O. Box 143606 Fayetteville, GA 30214

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Shop With a Sheriff

Started in 2007, Shop with a Sheriff Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation, funded by donations and run by volunteers. Our primary mission is to bring Christmas gifts to needy children who would not otherwise have them.

We achieve this by collecting donations then pairing children with Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputies for a memorable morning in December. We make the event memorable by filling shopping carts with items. Our philosophy is unique, we go big. Special attention is given to each kid and they will walk away satisfied that their family will not want this Christmas.

Shop with a Sheriff collects donations from the community and pairs a child with a Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputy to shop for Christmas. We focus on needed items like coats, shoes, and bedding. When the needs have been met, we let the children pick presents for family members and things that they want. All of the families that we assist have been nominated by a Fayette County School counselor and independently verified by our organization before we meet to go shopping.

New Shoes

During our first year, Shop with a Sheriff received a gift which has become symbolic of the work we do. One of our school counselor partners submitted a story about a young girl with some very basic needs. Needs most of us take for granted.

When she was notified that she would be joining us to shop with a uniformed deputy, we asked her about what she wanted for Christmas. Without hesitation, she said, “new shoes”. The shoes she had were in such poor condition, other kids were taking notice. This request was all the proof we needed to know that Shop with a Sheriff was going to make a positive impact in Fayette County. Needless to say, she received several new pairs of shoes and then some! She was glad to give us her old shoes and they still motivate us to focus on those who are less fortunate in our community.